I was cvsupping the GNATS database (the *entire* GNATS database, that
is - I didn't already have a copy) when I got this panic:

kernel: type 12 trap, code=0
Stopped at      -0xfb8f:        andb    %al,0x73(%ecx,%ebp,2)
db> trace
APTmap(c5f763b8) at -0xfb8f
ffs_balloc(d06f9e3c,d0ab0de0,0,c22e7280,d0ab2ae0) at ffs_balloc+0x4af
ffs_write(d06f9e7c,d067f200,d06f9f80,c22e7280,1) at ffs_write+0x480
vn_write(c22e7280,d06f9ef4,c254cb00,0,d067f200) at vn_write+0x197
dofilewrite(d067f200,c22e7280,8,84d100c,2000) at dofilewrite+0xbe
write(d067f200,d06f9f80,8332e78,2000,2000) at write+0x36
syscall(2f,2f,2f,2000,2000) at syscall+0x898
syscall_with_err_pushed() at syscall_with_err_pushed+0x1b

Unfortunately, I didn't take a dump as I though it was a duplicate of
a previous panic (which it wasn't), but here's some relevant info:

(kgdb) l *(ffs_balloc+0x4af)
0xc0223b2b is in ffs_balloc (../../ufs/ffs/ffs_balloc.c:178).
173                             if (error)
174                                     return (error);
175                             bp = getblk(vp, lbn, nsize, 0, 0);
176                             bp->b_blkno = fsbtodb(fs, newb);
177                             if (flags & B_CLRBUF)
178                                     vfs_bio_clrbuf(bp);
179                             if (DOINGSOFTDEP(vp))
180                                     softdep_setup_allocdirect(ip, lbn, newb, 0,
181                                         nsize, 0, bp);
182                     }

When the machine rebooted, fsck complained of an unexpected
softupdates inconsistency. It turned out the /usr/gnats directory had
empty blocks in it and had to be truncated - a sizeable portion of the
GNATS database ended up in /lost+found.

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