On 13-Mar-01 Martin Blapp wrote:
>  1. Add md5 checksum to the the file-header:
>  -------------------------------------------
>  Add an md5 checksum in the header of the File, maybe in $FreeBSD$ when
>  the file get's comitted. (The $FreeBSD$ line should be sed'd/grepp'd out
>  to md5 the raw file without checksum.)
>  grep -v "$FreeBSD:" defaults/rc.conf | md5
>  Example: 
> # $FreeBSD: src/etc/defaults/rc.conf,v 2001/01/28
>  20:57:35 jdp Exp md5="1fff7b9d6f6daa0ea9635873bfd0b7cd" $
>  Then mergemaster can do a md5 over the config file and look
>  if the file has changed. If so, you get asked to merge or
>  install a newer version. If the md5 checksum is the same,
>  the config file get's updated without asking the user.

This is computationally difficult to acheive :)

(Because the md5 checksum would be part of the file so the md5 checksum would have
to take account of itself)

>  The database stores all md5 checksums for every version of a configfile
>  we had (for this branch so it dosn't get to big ?)
>  The database could also be very useful for later usage in the ports-
>  tree (handle make update)

I think you could generate this file at installworld time fairly trivially.

The ports code does this for each file which is installed and its not too onerous.

This would solve my previous point also :)

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