In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Peter Wemm writes:
>Richard Todd wrote:
>> <---- No crashes as of here
>>      pushl   $begin                          /* jump to high virtualized add
>    ress */
>>      ret   
>> /* now running relocated at KERNBASE where the system is linked to run */
>> begin:
>> <==== crashes before it gets here!!!
>>      /* set up bootstrap stack */
>>      movl    proc0paddr,%eax                 /* location of in-kernel pages 
>    */
>I have some suspicions..  Can you do a nm on your kernel?
>peter@daintree[8:41pm]~-102> nm /boot/kernel/kernel  |grep begin
>c0123689 t begin

Sure.  A working kernel (the one I'm booted off of now) shows:
55 ichotolot ~[11:49PM] Z% nm /boot/kernel.good5/kernel | grep begin
c0128c79 t begin
c0368b3f t mp_begin

and one that crashes shows:

56 ichotolot ~[11:50PM] Z% nm /boot/kernel.old/kernel | grep begin
c01290a9 t begin
c038d49f t mp_begin

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