Brian Somers wrote:
> 3.  Have a cvs-aware option.
> If the installed and new version numbers differ, mergemaster does a
> cvs diff -u -rINSTALLEDVERSION newversion | patch INSTALLEDFILE.  If
> this works, everyone's happy.  If not, it forces you to modify the
> new file 'till there are no <<<<< >>>>> bits in it.
Yes yes yes.

Many people using mergemaster have the Repo on hand at $CVSROOT
so this should be an option if not the default (when $CVSROOT
is defined).

For those who dont I suppose a directory could keep the unmodified
versions of the currently installed files that mergemaster updates.

Or maybe the versions could be fetched from the web (from cvsweb ?)

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