On Mar 14,  2:41pm, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (David Malone) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: tcsh 6.10.00 echo;echo;echo; bug with fix

| > echo is more like as external command, even in its internal form it
| > tends to be compatible even with SysV-isms. What non-BSD grown (i.e. SysV)
| > csh echo prints?
| Solaris, AIX and HPUX all print nothing. I guess all csh versions
| are likely to be BSD dervied, so there is likely to be a consistant
| response.
| Maybe something could be done with the echo_style variable to
| control what is done?

Yeah, that is a good idea. I think that I'll add an echo_style "bsdbug",
and leave the default alone.


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