I've noticed that lots of the perl ports are now broken since the move
to perl 5.6.0.  Some examples:


With these two in particular, the problem can be fixed by compiling
perl with `-DPERL_POLLUTE' to get back the missing preprocessor
definitions.  Would it be worth it to compile the default 5.x perl in
this manner?

$ man perldelta


C Source Incompatibilities

        Release 5.005 grandfathered old global symbol names by
        providing preprocessor macros for extension source
        compatibility.  As of release 5.6.0, these preprocessor
        definitions are not available by default.  You need to
        explicitly compile perl with `-DPERL_POLLUTE' to get these
        definitions.  For extensions still using the old symbols,
        this option can be specified via MakeMaker:

               perl Makefile.PL POLLUTE=1

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