With a CURRENT build/installworld from yesterday ... i get a VERY unstable
system that page faults under the slightest CPU load (e.g. playing MP3's)
i fortunately have a (very outdated) backup-kernel  that will hopefully at
least let me do new buildworld's ...

I have to be off for work right now ... so i haven't got to writing a copy
of one of those pagefaults. The problem is that it TRIES to sync disks (and
hopefully write a crashdump) but the system is completely locked by then
... have to press the reset button.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be causing these problems, or how i
might be able to get some more detailed information that might be able to
help you further ?

  Pascal Hofstee      < daeron @ shadowmere . student . utwente . nl >
         I'm a signature virus. Please copy me and help me spread.

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