On Mon, Mar 12, 2001 at 05:52:00PM -0600, Jonathan Lemon wrote:
> I committed a miibus'ified fxp driver to the tree today, and made
> it the default.  If you compile fxp into your kernel statically,
> you will also need "device miibus" as well, if it isn't there already.
> If you notice any problems with the driver (things that were working
> and are not working now), please let me know.  If you happend to have
> a chip that did _NOT_ work but now DOES work, please boot the machine
> with -v, and send me the line that says "PCI IDs:".
> If you have a fxp device that still doesn't work, then please get
> in touch with me (and send the output of the line above).
> --
> Jonathan
Hi Jonathan,

I've got a slight problem in that it is not correctly auto detecting
the media type.  It should be setting itself to 10baseT/UTP.  I'm
running DHCP on my -current machine and I'm not sure how to set it
so that it configures the interface correctly.  It previously "just
worked" without any special media settings.  Is there something I
can provide to help correct this?


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