:Matt Dillon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
:>     How old a kernel are you running?
:Maybe five days old.
:Dag-Erling Smorgrav - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

    That has all of our fixes to date.  It fits the M.O. of the problem I've
    been trying to track down, but I have yet to be able to reproduce the
    problem consistently.

    It's good to know that you were cvsup'ing GNATS and it didn't previously
    exist.  That helps a little.

    We still haven't been able to narrow it down as to whether the bug is
    related to softupdates or not.  If you have time and can run cvsup/rm-rf
    in a loop, it would be interesting to see if you can reproduce the
    crash reliably.

    cvsup's basic operation is to create directories, then for each file
    it creates the file under a temporary name, writes it out, closes, and
    then renames it.  At the moment I am focusing on the rename operation as 
    being the possible culprit, but no smoking gun has been found yet.

    To date nearly all the reported corruption has been to directories
    and not to file contents.  Does this hold for you as well?  Only
    the directory was corrupted and not any files?


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