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> > >I don't quite understand Paul's reasoning, though; it's not actually
> > >useful to unload/reload parts of a device's bus attachment without
> > >unloading/reloading all the downstream parts of the driver.
> What do you mean by the downstream parts of the driver?

1 nexus
2 PCI bus
3 PCI interface of driver
4 driver core

It makes limited sense, with this structure, to unload just #3.  What 
you're trying to do is take a specialised development hack and wedge it 
into the production version of the driver.  Don't do that. 8)

> We're not there yet, but I can see a time where we would want to
> load/unload the probe functions as we do hardware probing and then only
> pull in the rest of the driver when we associate that driver to the
> device.

We've already been down this path.  Given the size of our device drivers, 
it's a very false economy.

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