On Mon, 19 Mar 2001, Bruce Evans wrote:

> K6-2's aren't really i586's and i586_bzero should never be used for
> them (generic bzero is faster), but there is apparently another
> bug that may cause them to be used.  From des's dmesg output:
> > i586_bzero() bandwidth = -1980152482 bytes/sec
>                            ^
> > bzero() bandwidth = 129299198 bytes/sec
> i586_bzero gets used because negative bandwidths are significantly
             ^^^^^^^^^ oops, I meant "should not get used"
> smaller than positive ones, so plain bzero is faster according to this
> message, but whatever the overflow apparently causes other bad things.

The overflow is actually only in the error message.  It is caused by
a preposterous value for `usec'.

> npx.c already has one "fix" for the overflow problem.  The problem
> is may be that clocks don't work early any more.

It must be that microtime() doesn't work early any more.


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