In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Ian Dowse writes:
>I have noticed that reboot(8) sometimes appears not to wait long
>enough before sending the final SIGKILL to all processes. On a
>system that has a lot of processes swapped out, some processes such
>as the X server may get a SIGKILL before they have had a chance to
>perform their exit cleanup.
>The patch below causes reboot to wait up to 60 seconds for paging
>activity to end before sending the SIGKILLs. It does this by
>monitoring the sysctl `vm.stats.vm.v_swappgsian', and extending
>the default 5-second delay if page-in operations are observed.
>On my laptop (64Mb, IDE disk) with a number of big apps running,
>it can take around 20 seconds for all the paging to die down after
>the SIGTERMs are sent.

Sounds like a good heuristic

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