> Using cvsup to catch up to changes for 4.2-Stable, we ended up with
> 4.3-Beta. We used cvsup Nov-December, with (I thought) the attached
> cvsup file, to keep 4.2-Stable current. We ran cvsup yesterday. After
> `buildworld`, `buildkernel`, `uname` says:
> FreeBSD [host]  4.3-BETA FreeBSD 4.3-BETA #0: Wed Mar 21
> previous build `uname` says:
> FreeBSD [host] 4.2-STABLE FreeBSD 4.2-STABLE #1: Wed Dec  6
> Where'd we go wrong?


> Can it be put right?

It is right.

This "BETA" (not to be confused with an unstable commercial "beta")
is simply "STABLE" with a tag on it to indicate that it is going
through the release engineering process to become 4.3-RELEASE (and
then 4.3-STABLE).

You have something that is stable, and is just close to the next

Mark Murray
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