On Thursday, 22nd March 2001, Bruce Evans wrote:

>On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Stephen McKay wrote:
>> On the contrary, I prefer CTM over CVSup, even on a fast connection (which
>> I don't currently have).  On a slow or intermittent connection, CTM beats
>> CVSup by a large margin.
>I'm not sure about that.  CTM may be faster, but it works less
>automatically, especially when it breaks, and it breaks often, at both
>the server and client levels (mainly downtime problems for the server
>and disk-full problems for the client.  I used to use it until the
>server broke one time too many last year.

CTM's advantages outweigh the disadvantages for me.  I don't run out of
disk space(*), and the server failures have been rare.  Certainly, the 
of CTM delivery exceeded the reliability of all of the M$ systems the guys
in the neighbouring cubicles managed at my previous employer.  Until now,
of course.

What we need now is someone to supply hardware and some connectivity.  I still
think CTM has sufficient advantages to justify its continued existence.

I think the project should fund it.


(*) The tangle you get in after ctm croaks from lack of disk space were 
to have been fixed.  I don't think they have been.  It shouldn't be too 
though.  All those md5 checksums make repairs trivial to automate, in theory.

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