On Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 11:01:07PM +0100, Daniel Rock wrote:
> Hi,
> there exists a Tekram SCSI driver, which doesn't have an NCR/SymBIOS/LSILogic or
> AMD chip. On the Tekram FTP site you can download a driver for FreeBSD though.
> Unfortunately, the latest one is for 4.x, which won't work on a current -CURRENT
> system.
> Perhaps this driver should be integrated into the main tree, so it can be
> actively maintained.
> I just have newbus'ified the driver and it seems to work in my machine, but I am
> no FreeBSD kernel hacker. I don't have the slightest idea what I have done. I just
> generated some diff's from other drivers which have been newbus'ified recently and
> did the same steps.
> If some brave man is still interested I can mail him the modifications or post
> them here.

Unfortunatly, nobody might want to maintain it. It's programming style was horrible
the last time I checked it. Also, I don't know if 4.x version is better, but 3.x
never worked with my umax scanner. Linux one works pretty fine :(


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