> > Do you mean that "add" PPP command now intentionally broken for any
> > address excepting *ADDR? Then, what is the reason to have numeric argument
> > there? Or do you mean that PPP must be fixed now? Where is the fix?
> > 
> I mean that:
> 1.  If you use HISADDR, ppp(8) will automatically re-add route after link
>     is brought down and then back up.
> 2.  If you use static IP address in ppp.conf, ppp(8) will add that route
>     only once.  This route will also cache local interface address at the
>     time the route is added.  Execute `route -vn get default' to see what
>     I am talking about.
> 3.  The routing code was fixed to delete routes which use non-existent
>     interface addresses.  This code will wipe such a route.
> 4.  If you need routes with static gateway addresses, put `add!' command
>     to ppp.linkup script.  This way, routes will be activated every time
>     the link is up, and will use the correct source IP address.
> 5.  This affects not only ppp(8).  Add default route that points to the
>     LAN; change the IP address on interface; observe that the default
>     route has gone away.  The reason is that if we don't do this, we
>     may end up using the old (now non-existing) local IP address.

I've thought about this quite a bit...  I'm not sure that I 
understand the problem.

I know of two (static IP) scenarios:

1. Ppp is in -auto mode (or a ``set mode auto'' has been done).  
   Here, ppp configures the interface as soon as it sees the ``set 
   ifaddr'' line and never undoes that configuration.  An ``add'' 
   with a fixed IP number would never have worked if it's before the 
   ``set ifaddr''.  If it's after the ``set ifaddr'', nothing should 
   ever remove it (as the interface will stay configured).

2. Ppp is not in -auto mode.  Here, ppp won't assign the interface 
   address 'till IPCP is up.  Any attempt to ``add'' a route with a 
   static IP number in ppp.conf should fail.

So, the recent routing changes shouldn't have made a difference.

Anyone know what I'm missing ?  Andre, what does your ppp.conf look 
like and how are you running ppp ?


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