This from CVSup shortly before midnight (PST); I recall that I got
the update to sys/kern/kern_intr.c rev. 1.50 (to pin down the time a little

I was able to re-boot with the kernel from /boot/kernel.old OK; once I
did that, I re-built the kernel after adding "options DDB", and I then
re-created the panic.

An outline of the traceback (sorry; I don't have a serial console on
the laptop... yet) is:

Debugger(c0337e03) at Debugger+0x44
panic(c0338d20,c167810c,4,0,c047f6c4) at panic+0x70
resource_list_alloc(c1683a00,c1679d00,c168eb80,4,c167810c) at resource_list_alloc+0xc8
isa_alloc_resource(c1679d00,c168eb80,4,c167810c,f8c) at isa_alloc_resource+0xcd
bus_alloc_resource(c168eb80,4,c167810c,f8c,f95) at bus_alloc_resource+0x5d
opti_detect(c168eb80,c1678100) at opti_detect+0xaa
[abbreviating beyond this point for now; my hands are getting tired -- dhw]
mi_startup() at mi_startup+0x68
begin() at begin+0x29

The addition of DDB is the first change I've needed to make since
getting -CURRENT running on the machine a couple of weeks ago, and I've
been CVSuping daily and rebuilding both -STABLE and -CURRENT daily.

I don't happen to have a copy of the kernel config on a different
machine, so I'll need to boot it normally to supply that; sorry.  But
given the above, unless something changed that would require a change to
the kernel config within the last day or so, I'd have thought it would
have been expected to not panic....  :-}

There are some other things I'd like to do with the machine (build
today's -STABLE, for example), but I can leave it "broken" for debugging
for a while easily enough.  The panic appears to come faily early in the
boot process (resource allocation, I'd guess :-}), and it appears
eminently reproducable, so I'm willing to play with it, fetch more code,
or whatever.

It's a 750/600 MHx P3 w/ 256 MB RAM, so I should be able to try changes
reasonably quickly.

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