It seems Benjamin Close wrote:
> Hi All,
>       Is anyone looking at supporting the Intel ICH2-M IDE controller?


> This controller is basically the same as the ICH2 controller except it has
> extra powermanagment features as it's the for portable computers (hence
> the M=mobile). I'm currently using the attached patch which runs
> flawlessly on my laptop. However, I'm just an amature code hacker and
> hence can't guarentee I haven't missed something between the chipsets.

This patch seems about right, I have something very semilar in one
of my trees here, just I havn't had a chance to test it yet, but
if this works for you I guess I have my case :)

> The other question I have is why in ata-dma.c is there the fall through to
> the ICH chipset? It seems to prevent any drive actually using ATA100/UDMA5
> features.

The fallthrough is just for modes less than ATA100 which is setup the
same way as on the ICH therefore the same code..


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