> > /var -alldirs -maproot=root: -network 192.168.5 -mask
> > showmount -e showed 192.168.5 was being interpreted as
> This is the correct interpretation.
> > Changing -network to fixed it, naturally, but the 192.168.5
> > used to work.
> It was broken, then. :-)

192.168.5 should be interpreted as in host address context,
but as in network address context. (Such network address
context is well seen in sentences such as "10/8", "192.168/16".)

netch@iv:~/tmp>netstat -rn | grep 192
192/8              UGSc        0        0      lo0

In case in question, when -network prefix is occured, parsing should
be performed with network address context, not host address context.


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