> > See src/UPDATING 20000624
> Well, but it says about `options RANDOMDEV'. Later, `device random' was
> invented instead of it. A few days ago I installed -CURRENT
> (date=2001. with removing all previous content of /usr/lib
> (which contained legacy since 3.1-RELEASE) and /usr/sbin/sshd began to refuse
> supporting protocol 1 with identical message
> (`no RSA support in libssl and libcrypto.  See ssl(8)'). Also,
> kernel was build with `device random', and
> netch@iv:/usr/HEAD/src/sys/i386/conf>egrep '(RSA|USA)' /etc/make.conf
> # If you're resident in the USA, this will help various ports to determine
> USA_RESIDENT=           NO

You missed (and deleted) the bit where it tells you to rerun MAKEDEV
to rebuild your devices.

> And, my questions are
> 1) What can happen to refuse RSA support in libcrypto, with environment
> described above?

An incorrect /dev/urandom

> 2) How can one diagnose reason of such problems without abusing studying
> of libcrypto internals?

More reading of UPDATING? I'll see if I can get it clarified.

> 3) Can anybody provide more descriptive message when random device
> works improperly?

Yes. I'm working on making the random device itself moan at you.

Mark Murray
Warning: this .sig is umop ap!sdn

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