I'd like to reinforce this:

I'm not a hacker, but have a -current box so I can write about it.
(It's difficult to write a book targeting 5.1-release and time it for
5.1-R, when you don't have 5-current.  This is one definite advantage
Greg Lehey has over the rest of us authorial sorts.)  With five years
fairly hardcore FreeBSD experience, tracking -current is a *pain*.

At any given point in time, 90% of the system works.  The 10% that
doesn't changes almost daily.

If you want to invest your time in finding a particular date of
-current that meets your needs, and you make a management decision
that you will never, never, *never* upgrade without going through the
same audit, go for it.

Plus, I've made a management decision to never whine about what's
broken, just live with it.  (Okay, I do report broken buildworlds, but
that's it.)  My Pilot software locks the machine up; the web browser
has been known to hang forever; the web server occasionally screams
obscenities; other miscellanous ports just puke.  Heck, I'm waiting
for this laptop to phone the police and report me as a kiddie porn
devotee, then anonymously transfer my bank balance to the Linux
Foundation.  It'll be for a technically sound reason, I know, but that
still makes it a pain.

I would run unionfs on a 3-stable production box before running
-current in production right now.


PS: You could also make a management decision to hire a kernel hacker
to work on the part of -current that you need.  :)

On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 10:21:47AM -0800, John Baldwin wrote:
> On 27-Mar-01 Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:
> > While I'm writing this: what is the general opinion about having
> > CURRENT on production servers (I'd really love to deploy the ACLs
> > ASAP)? I don't plan to use SMP and can wait for snapshots til the
> > RELEASE comes...
> Don't.  ACL's are still not production quality yet, and the SMP work breaks UP
> kernels just as bad as SMP kernels when it breaks.
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