>Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 11:56:38 -0800 (PST)
>From: John Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>> OK; that's a good & useful thing to keep in mind.  And I did see some
>> IRQ-related entries in top's output.

>Are they getting %CPU though.  When running top -S, the CPU %'s should always
>add up to about 100 (with fudges for rounding errors).

Well, as noted in another note a little prior to this one, the -CURRENT
behavior I'm seeing isn't all *that* different from the -STABLE behavior
-- in each case, the sum of what "top" reports for CPU % is normally small.

>> Eh... the "enlightenment" line may provide a clue there.  I use tvtwm as
>> a window manager.  :-}  (I figure anything that could be marginally
>> acceptable on a (maxed out) 24 MB Sun 3/60 ought to be adequate for this
>> 750 MHz/256 MB laptop....)

>Heh, but I figured Alfred was in X when he was running top, so X must've been
>doing _some_ screen updates, and not just have 0.00% CPU time. :-P

Well, that gets into a matter of perspective, since the amount of CPU
resource required to do the screen updates (vs. what is available) could
well be 0.00 (to 2 decimals)....  :-)  (Kinda like the ratio of a
circle's circumference to its diameter is "3" to a single significant

(I was in X at the time, too.)

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