kris> I believe Mark's intention was to keep crypt-blowfish.c optional for
kris> those who don't want to install crypto.  Perhaps this is broken.

src/lib/libcrypt/Makefile says:

# Pull in the crypt-des.c source, assuming it is present.
.if exists(${.CURDIR}/../../secure/lib/libcrypt/crypt-des.c) && \
    !defined(NOSECURE) && !defined(NOCRYPT)
.PATH:          ${.CURDIR}/../../secure/lib/libcrypt
SRCS+=          crypt-des.c crypt-blowfish.c blowfish.c

and it seems OK to me. This .if-.endif clause was there since two
libcrypt was merged into a single library (Dec/2000).

Gabriel, would you please check src/secure/lib/libcrypt/ and what's
files are sitting in this directory?

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