On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 02:14:38PM -0500, Robert Watson wrote:
> After the EA backing files are initialized, you can manually start the
> EA's on the file system, or if UFS_EXTATTR_AUTOSTART is enabled, simply
> remount the file systems, or reboot the system.  To manually start and
> enable the attributes for the root file system, do the following: 
>   extattrctl start /
>   extattrctl enable / posix1e.acl_access /.attribute/system/posix1e.acl_access
>   extattrctl enable / posix1e.acl_default /.attribute/system/posix1e.acl_default

  When I did this several days ago, I had to actually issue:
extattrctl enable / system posix1e.acl_access /.attribute/system/posix1e.acl_access
extattrctl enable / system posix1e.acl_default /.attribute/system/posix1e.acl_default
  Note namespace argument. Your directions in RAEDME probably got out of sync
with `extattrctl' implementaion which now requires attrnamesspace
argument. Manpage is accurate though.

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