On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, John Baldwin wrote:

> On 28-Mar-01 Terry Lambert wrote:
> > Run the 4.3 mountd on it.
> > 
> > Boom!  Kernel memory allocation way to large; unrecoverable!

Does this really panic -current?  It panics old versions of -current, and
the -current mountd panics RELENG_4, but current versions of -current are
supposed to check the parameters passwd by mountd (etc.) enough to avoid
the panic.

> Yes, struct ucred sucks.  In -current the userland now uses a static struct
> xucred that doesn't contain things like mutexes and thus mountd shouldn't crash
> in current anymore when struct ucred changes size.  Too bad we can't retrofit
> that. :(

But we did retrofit binary compatibility of ucred stuff.  struct xucred
in -current has the same size and layout as struct ucred in RELENG_4.
This should make old mountd's binary compatible with -current kernels
and -current mountd's compatible with RELENG_4 kernels.  However, the
binary compatibility of struct export_args was broken at the same time
that struct ucred was unbroken, by changing some fields from int to
char.  The -current mountd puts stack garbage in the padding after
the chars, and RELENG_4 kernels interpret the garbage as high bits and
do malloc(TOOBIG).  bzero()ing the struct in mountd "fixed" the problem.


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