I am experiencing a strange lockup with -current as of about a week
ago: It will suspend and resume, but after the resume the console is
dead and the system hangs after a short while.

When I type on the console after a resume, nothing is shown, neither
echo nor command output.  If I break into DDB, the output suddenly
appears, just above the DDB prompt.  I can continue to UNIX, type
another command, again nothing visible.  Breaking into DDB again shows
what I typed, and the output.  After a few round-trips of this sort
the system locks up solidly.

If I'm in X (XFree86-4.0.2) after the resume, the system will respond
for a few seconds and then lock up.

All this happens with the GENERIC kernel as well as my cardbus kernel.

Should I assume the console needs resetting after the resume?  How
could I try a reset?  I can't find anything obvious in vidcontrol(1)
or kbdcontrol(1).

Hardware is a Dell Inspiron 7500.

Who in the world needs 2000 Windows?

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