> I do not.  -v could easily be added to what is now rpcbind (even if it
> was ignored).  -d mean the same thing for both.  there's then no reason
> to change its name. 

Well, my feeling on the matter, since everyone gets to have an opinion
today, is that we should stick with rpcbind: it's what everyone else who
uses TIRPC calls it (as well as the entire source code tree).  Given that
it's not going to be MFC'd to RELENG_4, and everything in the universe is
changing in -CURRENT, this minor change to improve our compliance with
${THERESTOFTHEWORLD} isn't a big problem. However, for consistency, it
probably is the case that someone should go slap s/portmap/rpcbind/
s/PORTMAP/RPCBIND/ strategically through /etc and associated man pages. 
Maybe adding a compatibility check that maps PORTMAP into RPCBIND, and
then prints a message on boot in the style of nsswitch. 

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