On 30 Mär, Ruslan Ermilov wrote:

>> What to do in this situation? I didn't want add the defaultroute
>> everytime (POLA).
> But if we don't do this, we may end up using the wrong source IP
> address.  Without my fixes, try this:
> 1)  ifconfig isp1 X.X.X.1 ....
> 2)  route add default -iface isp1
> 3)  ifconfig isp1 X.X.X.2
> 4)  ping some outside host
> 5)  watch the packets will go from the wrong address (X.X.X.1)

If I use
  route add default -interface isp1
I wan't to have the packets routed trough isp1. I don't care about how
the routing table is held consistent, but I if the route is discarded
without my interaction it not only violates POLA, in this case it's
prohibits a valid use of the -interface feature (dial on demand via sppp
is broken at the moment).


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