On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Justin T. Gibbs wrote:
> >Just had one of these on yesterday's -current. Anyone interested in the
> >details?
> Nah.  Its probably just you, or something specific to your system.
> It couldn't possibly be a bug in *my* code.
> ;-)
> Of course I'm interested!

I'm getting these too (I thought it was just me, since it's my first day
of going back to -current after a six month hiatus - I've hit myself with
the clue-stick thoroughly and put it on a different slice this time... but
I digress!) so I can give some additional info, if required.  Don't have a
copy of the dump handy, but the offending controller is a 7895 (possibly a
7899 [39160] but I think the 7895 gets hit first)



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