On Sat, Mar 31, 2001 at 10:16:44AM +0100, Duncan Barclay wrote:
> Can I suggest you add a DS22 for DS 22Mb/s which is going through final
> approvals at the IEEE.

I've added it and updated the diff for -current.  I'll mess with the
-stable diff Thursday when I get back from my short vacation.

> I'll wait for these patches to settle down and merge the functionality
> into the raylink driver.

Sounds good.  We'll need to figure out how to specify hopsets.  You can
either overload channel or add a new hopset option.

> Are you planning on making a unified interface for things like the signal
> strenght cache?

I'm not sure at this point.  It's probalby a good idea, though it may be
to expensive to populate on interfaces.  For instance, the an driver
only sets one of the three possible values.

-- Brooks

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