On Fri, Mar 16, 2001, David Xu wrote:

> I know KSE is not related to SMP and will run on UP. my primary
> idea is want to run parellel I/O task in same process with pthread,
> simply because FreeBSD pthread does not allow me to do multipile
> I/O tasks at same time on disk file, of course, it is also conflicted
> with SYSV IPC, so I think of KSE. I don't care about SMP, CPU is
> enough fast now, I have already seen 1.3G hz CPU, how fast! I think
> Intel and AMD can very easy to double their CPU clock, hope I can see
> 3Ghz CPU in next year. I really do think KSE should work before SMP,
> but it is obvious not. think about Apache 2.0, it is already
> multi-threaded, FreeBSD pthread will be blocked at disk I/O, it is very
> bad for Apache 2.0 .

One could theoretically hack the pthreads port into using either
external processes for disk IO, or the aio_ routines. Both of these
would suffice. (Note that aio_ only does read/write/lseek, whilst
open() and close() are still sync, and open() can take quite a while..)


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