On 03-Apr-01 Bruce Evans wrote:
> On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, John Baldwin wrote:
>> On 31-Mar-01 Bruce Evans wrote:
>> > [about i586-optimized copying and bzeroing]
>> > - we start using the FPU on a CPU with a free FPU (we used to free the
>> >   FPU in some cases; now we only use optimizations in bcopy/bzero if
>> >   the FPU was free to begin with).
>> > - we do a preemptive context switch and come back using a different FPU.
>> > 
>> > The different CPU might even be unfree, and that case is now detected.
>> > In other cases, we just corrupt data by using different FPU registers :-(.
>> Ugh.  Hrm, then we need to either disable interrupts inside of i586_* or set
>> a
> This would break fast interrupts :-).
>> hard affinity flag in the process such that all other CPU's will ignore it
>> and
>> only p_lastcpu will run it next.
> There are many other possibilities:
> - don't use these routines.
> - don't use these routines for the SMP case.
> - disable preemptive context switching for the CPU that is using the FPU.
>   The hard affinity flag could be used for this as a special case.
> - acquire sched_lock so that all sorts of context switching are disabled
>   for all CPUs.
> - don't attempt to save the FPU state reentrantly, since this doesn't work
>   with preemptive context switchiing unless interrupt handlers also save the
>   state reentrantly, which they shouldn't do because it is too wasteful.
>   Instead, save the state in the pcb as is already done in copy{in,out}
>   so that cpu_switch() handles it.  This may be too wasteful too.
> - as in previous possibility, but avoid switching the entire state.  For
>   the FPU, the entire state must be switched, but for SSE individual
>   registers can be saved and restored.  Saving and restoring individual
>   registers reentrantly would be easy but no longer works for the SMP case.
>   Switching a subset of the state would not be so easy.

Hmmmmm.  I think I'm liking the next to last.  Even if there is additional
overhead, it should still outperform generic_bcopy and friends on the CPU's in
question, right?

> Bruce


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