Brooks Davis writes:
| On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 12:28:38PM -0700, Doug Ambrisko wrote:
| > Well I can't see that since it's not an array and the values come
| > from iterating through Cisco's API and a direct query for the 
| > transmit key.  Look at ancontrol for the ugly & secret details!
| I'm pretty sure I've also managed to get it to reports things that just
| plain aren't true like Bruce did.  I've bitched to my Cisco rep again
| to try and get better doc, but so far I haven't had much luck.  I just
| made a specific request for more data on setting and getting WEP keys.
| In my patches, I just copied the stuff from ancontrol since that's all
| we've got.  The linux code is even more non-sensical then ancontrol in
| that it reports five keys.

FYI we've found a bug in ancontrol and the scheme for reporting keys
if keys are not filled in order.  It would be nice to get the 
source for the Linux configuration utilties that they distribute
with the driver on the Cisco web site.  I've tried to run it under
Linux and I get "no radio found" although I can ping over the 
Aironet card!  Linux and no source makes it hard to figure out what
is happening. 

Doug A.

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