> > I'd like to try pppoe to connect to poptop (on a linuxbox). The port is forbidden; 
>I should use 
> > ng_pppoe.
> You're mixing apples and oranges. poptop is for pptp, not pppoe.

Ahh! While mixing apples and oranges can make a nice juice, it doesn't work for vpn.

Using pptpclient instead is better :-)

I had pptp running in a terminal session started in a window from my workstation in 
Now I booted my workstation to try in windows. Apparently pptp didn't get stopped 
properly, because when I now want to run pptp again, I get this error message:

warn[open_unixsock:pptp_callmgr.c:308]: Call manager for is already 
fatal[callmgr_main:pptp_callmgr.c:124]: Could not open Unix socket for 123.123.123
fatal[launch_callmgr:pptp.c:214]: Call manager exited with error 256

But ps is not showing any ppp, pptp or call processes.
Neither is netstat showing anything I can relate to.

I could boot the machine, but then I'd have to walk 20m to power it off and on to 
reset the isdnadapter. Too late for that now.


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