Hello guys,

[Cc-ing the list just for the sake of the archives, so that people could
see what the resolution of the case was.]

Thanks for trying to help me while I was busy sleeping... here I am again.

As suggested, I looked at my fstab, although I do not remember fiddling
with it in a long time. (In fact, the last time was when I installed my
second disk into the system some time at the end of last year.)

And sure as hell, there it was: 
next to /dev/ad1s1a there was *no* dump number and *no* pass no. Not zeros,
but nothing, nada, nichts. This, of course, explains a lot of things...
after putting the correct values in there, fsck worked.

But I have no idea how/why the numbers got deleted... and then why it
worked before?

Thanks all the same, things seem to work out A OK right now.

Szilveszter ADAM
Szeged University
Szeged Hungary

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