On Mon, 9 Apr 2001, Maxim Sobolev wrote:
> Brad Huntting wrote:
> > Could we perhaps "close" the freebsd-current list?
> No.

I've just setup a system which stores spam regexps in
a CVS tree and automatically regenerates my majordomo.cf
whenever new spam regular expressions are added.

Currently this project only has a mailing list and a CVS
tree. We probably want to keep it this way to prevent easy
harvesting of our efforts so spammers won't find automagic
ways around us ;)

The mailing list is  [EMAIL PROTECTED], you probably
want to subscribe to it just to keep up with CVS updates and
to use those CVS messages to trigger automatic updates of your
own spam filters ... [EMAIL PROTECTED] can subscribe you.

To get the CVS tree anonymously:

$ cvs -d :pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/CVS login
password: cvs
$ cvs -d :pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/CVS checkout spamfilter

If we have people in enough timezones adding their spam regexps to
this list the moment they see a spam, I'm sure we can catch most
spam before it arrives on the lists (if only because it takes TIME
to send out 1M emails, in that time we can update lots of mail
servers automatically).


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