Who is the maintainer of this code?

They appear to use SOMAXCONN, incorrectly.

The value of SOMAXCONN is not valis; the valid limit is only
obtainable from sysctl (kern.ipc.somaxconn).

Here is a function which does the right thing:

        getsomaxconn( void)
                char    *name = "kern.ipc.somaxconn";
                int     somaxconn;
                size_t  size = sizeof(somaxconn);

                if( sysctlbyname(name, &somaxconn,&size, NULL, 0))  
                        somaxconn = SOMAXCONN;

                return( somaxconn);

If someone wants something prettier (e.g. sysctl instead of
sysctlbyname), they are welcome to write it.

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