On Fri, 13 Apr 2001, Alfred Perlstein wrote:

> * Bruce Evans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010412 22:25] wrote:
> > Changing the actual limit using either the sysctl or an option breaks
> > SOMAXCONN.  I think the correct fix is to never define it change
> > whatever uses it to use sysconf(_SC_SOMAXCONN).  Similarly for all
> > other manifest constants that aren't actually constant.
> Actually, the correct fix is most likely to redefine it to -1. :)
> Either that or remove it from the namespace.  Or just leave it alone,
> afaik listen called with a backlog larger than the sysctl limit
> just truncates it down to that limit.

Or change it to a large positive value, maybe INT_MAX, and prevent the
sysctl from increasing it above this.  This would be reduced to the
actual limit in the same way as -1 is modified to that limit, but
might seem to be less preposterous to applications that look too closely
at the value.


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