On 13-Apr-01 Matthew Schlegel wrote:
> I have been working on doing an update to the latest -CURRENT (last cvsup for
> this upgrade attempt was this morning at about 9:30 PDT) for the last
> couple days from :
> FreeBSD msops.crossgain.com 5.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT
>#0: Wed Jun 28 13:23:44 PDT 2000
> Right now I can boot into single user mode just fine, but the moment any
> process requests an inode on my / partition, I get a kernel panic (page
> fault).  Right now the world consistantly falls apart in ffs_valloc, but I'm
> not sure how to further track it down at this point.
> I am able to get inodes on another partition that was created using the newfs
> from the new world, so I'm wondering if there may have been some filesystem
> change between June of last year and now that could be causing the problems.
> I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction with
> this so I can get moved over.

Rebuild and install fsck and fsck your filesystems.  This is the dirpref stuff
most likely biting you.  Warner, we should probably add a warning about the
dirpref changes to UPDATING since if you fsck a filesystem with the old fsck
and new kernel and you overwrite your superblock with the alternate you hose
the filesystem resuling in these panics.  :(

> Stack trace with pointers resolved:
> ffs_valloc(0, 8180, 21, vcp_create_desc 8)
> ufs_makeinode
> ufs_create
> ufs_vnoperate
> vn_open
> open
> The config I am using is attached to this email as well.
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