I just upgraded a fresh install of 4.2 to CURRENT.  Everything
seemed to go great until I discovered that I have only a small
subset of the standard entries in /dev and there is no
/dev/MAKEDEV or /dev/MAKEDEV.local.

I re-cvsup'd again this morning and repeated the entire
makeworld makekernel installkernel installworld mergemaster
cycle a second time.

It all went great except that I still have no MAKEDEV in /dev
and very few entries in /dev, all of which are dated today.

I've tried using 'install' to move /usr/src/etc/MAKEDEV into
/dev, and tried cp and mv and even did a 'make distribution'
from /usr/src/etc and always get an 'operation not supported'
error message.

I did all these things in single-user mode, BTW.

Second question:  what is the status of /stand/sysinstall?
I see that the new version is in /usr/sbin.  Is the old
location obsolete?

Thanks for any clues!

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