Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> I'm figuring the only time when it may be a problem is on machines
> with a small amount of memory.  Since memory is cheap, I plan on
> turning it on within the next couple of days unless a stability
> issue comes up.
> I'll leave it to those people with low memory to remember to turn
> it off.

        OK... this brings up the question of what other cool optimizations are
there that may have been disabled in the past for reasons that are no
longer pertinent? It might be worthwhile to create an /etc/sysctl.conf file
with commented out examples of configurations for various systems. For

# For more modern systems that have a reasonable amount of RAM

# Low memory systems

# Systems that need lots of randomness

# Low resource systems that need less randomness

# Super high performance TCP options for various situations

.... etc. I'm sure y'all can come up with more.

It might also be desirable to put these in etc/defautls/rc.conf, but I
think something of this nature might be better suited in a freer format.

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