Sorry for replying this topic, a little bit OT this time :-)

On Thu, Apr 12, 2001 at 09:20:34AM -0700, Lars Eggert wrote:
> Michael Johnson wrote:
> > Theres not a iso for -CURRENT .. It changes too much.
> Too bad.
> > you can make your own iso though. ports/sysutils/mkisofs
> Yes, I've done that before for -stable, but it involves a make world :-)

Relax, all you need is something like mirror/ncftp/lftp which could do
recursive grabbing and, well, /usr/share/examples/worm/ :-)

sh /usr/share/examples/worm/ would show a simple usage
message. That's all. If you want a bootable iso (of course you want
it), add a -b flag, which is only documented in the script itself :>

> Grabbing an ISO from somewhere and quickly doing a CD install to test some
> bugfixes would be much faster. (I'm not that interested in actively
> tracking -current; I just want to be able to quickly run it whenever
> someone asks for feedback on a change that'd affect our setup.)
> Isn't someone out there doing a nightly scripted make world? How about
> doing a make release after?
> Lars

I did make release before if I simply want a bootable and up-to-date
iso image, but it costs too much time. :> IMHO, unless you want a
customized, locally hacked cvs repository become a iso, you don't have
to expend time on making release.

Last time (2 days ago) I packed a releng_4 iso to install FreeBSD on an
old box, which has no workable NIC, no usable floppy, only a 12X
CDROM. The time consumes for make/burn the iso is around 10 minutes :-)

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