<<On Wed, 18 Apr 2001 06:40:38 +1000 (EST), Bruce Evans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

> Does POSIX now specify select() and/or poll() precisely enough to
> show that the current behaviour is wrong?

In addition to more explicit requirements for sockets, draft 6 has the
following to say about select() and pselect():

        A descriptor shall be considered ready for reading when a call
        to an input function with O_NONBLOCK clear would not block,
        whether or not the function would transfer data
        successfully. (The function might return data, an end-of-file
        indication, or an error other than one indicating that it is
        blocked, and in each of these cases the descriptor shall be
        considered ready for reading.)

The socket semantic requirements come from 1003.1g-2000; this
paragraph looks to have come from XSH4.2 (SUSv1).


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