Hello everybody,

 first of all sorry if this is not the proper list for writing this. This is my first 
posting and I'm new to FreeBSD, so please forgive me if I am sending crap in this 

 I needed to install Netware filesystem support and noticed that if I want to mount 
the nwfs via /etc/fstab, I have to change the /etc/rc file so that the system won't 
try to mount the nwfs before there is networking support started. So that's why I had 
to change /etc/rc on line 258 from:

# Mount everything except nfs filesystems.
mount -a -t nonfs


# Mount everything except nfs filesystems.
mount -a -t nonfs,nwfs

In the first case at boot time the machine stops and wants me to enter in shell and 
fix the problem. I don't know whether I'm right, but I think that my modification can 

Boris Georgiev

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