In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> David Wolfskill writes:
: That said, while I was trying to figure out what had gone wrong, I ended
: up chasing something that was "merely" a warning, but loks to me as if
: it has some unpleasant potential:  the dual (conflicting) definitions of
: MDF_ACTIVE, thus:
: sys/pccard/cardinfo.h:81:#define      MDF_ACTIVE      0x40    /* Context active 
:(read-only) */
: and
: sys/sys/memrange.h:18:#define MDF_ACTIVE              (1<<27) /* currently active */
: The notion of the same program (kdump, in this case) actually using both
: include files would seem to be a cause for some concern.

Don't worry about it.  The person who imported the memcontrol stuff
didn't check the system closely enough for conflicts.  The pccard
define has been around since 1996 while the memcontrol one was added
in 1999 and still hasn't been fixed :-)


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