Konstantin Chuguev wrote:

> Hi,
> Ruslan Ermilov wrote:
> > The attached patch incorporates most of OpenBSD fixes to install(1).
> > It does not include manpage update.  Most significant changes are:
> >
> > o New flag: -S (atomic install)
> >
> > : -S    Safe copy.  Normally, install unlinks an existing target before
> > :       installing the new file.  With the -S flag a temporary file is
> > :       used and then renamed to be the target.  The reason this is safer
> > :       is that if the copy or rename fails, the existing target is left
> > :       untouched.
> >
> Just curious: why not make this way of doing install default (i.e. always use
> it)?

It may effectively doubles disk space requirements during copy (when destination
file is not on a sofdep-enabled partition and is not open at the moment when
install(8) unlinks it). For small files it doesn't matter, but for a big ones it
could lead to a problem.


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