Hi folks,

After downgrading to RELENG_4 for a while to prove to my team mates
that 3 months of pain were the result of hardware instability and not
features of HEAD, I'm ready to get back on the wagon.

I didn't follow the FILE size change debarcle, because I assumed that
the problem would be resolved by the time I was ready for -CURRENT
again.  However, the entry for 20010211 in UPDATING suggests that I was

        The size of FILE was changed.  This breaks upgrading.  If
        you must upgrade, be prepared for pain.  It also breaks almost
        all binaries that you've compiled on -current.  You are warned

Is this still true?

Please note that I'm not taking a dig at anyone.  I've always seen
source upgrades to HEAD as a luxury and firmly believe that binary
upgrades are the "correct answer for technical support".  Please don't
use this innocent question to start a flame war.


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