> No rain here, it is ARG_MAX - 2048:
>      -s size
>              Set the maximum number of bytes for the command line length pro-
>              vided to utility. The sum of the length of the utility name and
>              the arguments passed to utility (including NULL terminators) will
>              be less than or equal to this number.  The current default value
>              for size is ARG_MAX - 2048.
> 2K would be a pretty big env, root default std is about 367 bytes.

Ok, I'll stop arguing.  I guess I have to agree that you can script 
around the problem if you're careful.

FWIW, the above is really ARG_MAX - 4k (the documentation is wrong - 
I recently updated xargs.1 in -current) and this seems to be *exactly* 
the right threshold.  Take a look at the commit message with that 
xargs.1 commit...

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