On Mon, 23 Apr 2001, Alfred Perlstein wrote:

> requires vm_page_queues_mtx:
>  manipulation of vm_page_queues


> pmaps spotted:
> pmap_copy_page
> pmap_page_protect

There is potential for nasty lock ordering conflicts here.

Page faults will go    vm_mtx -> vm_page_queues_mtx
The pageout code goes  vm_page_queues_mtx -> vm_mtx

Alternatively, the pageout code is all under the vm_mtx,
during the whole duration, but that would lock out the
other CPUs during a potentially long time.

It would also mean the kernel needs to have 2 versions
of all the pmap functions ... one where the vm_mtx is
already taken and one that needs to take the vm_mtx by
itself (the alternative, fixing all the callers, is
probably worse).

An alternative could be to use trylock functions and
let the pageout code back off whenever somebody is in
a page fault. This will work because eventually all the
page faulters will be waiting for free memory and none
of them has any of the VM locks...


Linux MM bugzilla: http://linux-mm.org/bugzilla.shtml

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