On 24-Apr-01 Gregory Bond wrote:
> [please CC replies; I'm not on the -current list]
> I'm trying to boot a -CURRENT kernel to confirm it really does fix a problem 
> with my hardware (see kern/26046).
> I've tried a couple of snapshots from current.freeebsd.org between 1st the
> 15th
> April.  None has booted.  Each dies with an integer divide trap after
> (during?)
> PnP processing. (This is booting the install floppies, not after an install).
> Is this 
>  a) a known problem that will be fixed sometime soon, so just keep trying 
>     occasionally
>  b) a big surprise to all concerned and deserving of further investigation, 
>     starting with the output from "boot -v"
> ?

Weird, I installed the April 19 snap here locally on a testbox without any


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